Bbc South East Interview

Alp Mehmet Vice Chairman @migrationwatch was on BBC South East yesterday at 1830 hrs. If you missed the programme and would like to see his brief comment, about a visa refusal for the wife of a British citizen, then you can do so on the BBC iPlayer at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006pfp8

23rd September 2011 (Visas/Work Permits)

Integration Of Muslims

Alp Mehmet Vice Chairman @migrationwatch will be on BBC1 Sunday Morning Live tomorrow 11 September, contributing to the discussion on the integration of muslims bbc.in/nPjuuE   

10th September 2011 (Religion)

Immigration Is A Major Factor In The Housing Shortage

A study published by Migrationwatch today (Briefing Paper No 7.13), finds that immigration was responsible for almost 40% of the growth in households between 2001 and 2008. Looking ahead, 36% of new households will, according to official projections, be a result of immigration so we will have to build, on average, 200 homes a day […]

1st September 2011 (Housing, Population)

Comment On Latest Immigration Statistics

In response to the immigration statistics released this morning showing net migration for 2010 at 239,000, 21% higher on last year, Sir Andrew Green said: "These figures lay bare the legacy of the Labour government with immigration last year close to a quarter of a million, the second highest ever. The coalition government will have […]

Nearly Two-thirds Of Asylum Seekers Turned Out To Be Bogus – But Britain Ended Up With £10 Billion Bill Anyway, Says Report 24 August, 2011

The UK’s asylum system has been costing taxpayers on average more than £2 million a day since 1999 and, once anyone has set foot on British soil, they have a 77% chance of staying – whatever the merits of their case That is the conclusion of a study by think-tank Migration Watch UK of the […]

24th August 2011 (Asylum, Economics, Population)

Migrant Social Housing To Cost £1 Billion Per Year

The social housing requirements of new immigrants will cost the tax payer £1 billion a year for the next twenty five years. That is the conclusion of a study published by Migrationwatch today. The study found that 45 additional social homes would have to be built everyday, or nearly 1400 a month, over that period […]

17th August 2011 (Housing)

Economist On-line Debate About Immigration

The Economist magazine is conducting an on-line debate about immigration this week. The motion is “This house believes that immigration is endangering European society”. The motion has been proposed by David Goodhart, Editor-at-Large of Prospect Magazine and opposed by Philippe Legraine, an economist. Our Chairman, Sir Andrew Green, has been invited to contribute an 800 […]

15th August 2011 (Population)

A Guide To Recent Research On The Economic Impact Of Immigration On The Uk

Migration Watch UK published on 26 July a summary guide (Briefing Paper No 1.29) to the latest research. It covers: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per head Employment Wages Budgetary impact And includes useful quotes (and urls) from: The House of Lords Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) Office for […]

Findings Of The Home Affairs Select Committee Into Student Visas

In response to the Committee’s press statement that the "over-hasty student visas policy could cost the economy £3.6 billion", Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, commented: "This cost of £3.6 billion is deeply unconvincing. It rests on the assumption that none of the work currently being done by foreign students would be done […]

26th July 2011 (Employment, Visas/Work Permits)

Forthcoming Speech From Iain Duncan Smith

In response to a speech due to be made by Iain Duncan Smith this afternoon in which he stresses the need for tighter immigration controls as part of his efforts to get people back into work, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK comments: "Iain Duncan Smith is absolutely right. In the last ten years […]

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