Latest Uk Population Estimates

In response to today's figures released by the Office for National Statistics which show the highest annual growth rate of the UK population since 1962, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, comments: "These are astonishing figures. They are further evidence that the government must take urgent steps to get a grip of immigration […]

30th June 2011 (Migration Trends, Population)

60th Anniversary Of The Refugee Convention

The following comment can be attributed to Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK.   "The situation has changed beyond recognition since the Refugee Convention was signed 60 years ago. There is now widespread abuse. Over half of all applicants in the UK only claim when detected. Nearly two thirds (60%) of all cases decided […]

20th June 2011 (Asylum, Refugees)

Work Permit And Settlement

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch, and Scott Blinder of Oxford's Migration Observatory debate the Home Office proposals for Work Permit and Settlement. Listen to the debate from 1.06 on BBC Radio 5Live's iPlayer at http://bbc.in/lncYCM

9th June 2011 (Policy, Visas/Work Permits)

Migration Watch Uk Twitter Site

If you wish to comment on Migrationwatch's efforts please do sign-up to our Twitter site at: http://twitter.com/#!/migrationwatch

Comment On Home Office Proposals On Settlement

In response to the proposals published by the Home Office in their consultation on Employment-Related Settlement, Tier 5 and Overseas Domestic Workers, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK commented: "This is excellent news. There will now be a real incentive for employers to train British workers rather than continue to take skilled foreign […]

Tighten Rules On Foreign Marriage Partners Says Think Tank

A call for tightening the rules on marriages to foreign partners has come from think-tank Migrationwatch (See Briefing Paper No. 10.25). It comes in the wake of a Home Affairs Committee report which reported on forced marriages among some sections of the ethnic communities; the changes are needed to ensure that young people are not […]

7th June 2011 (Arranged Marriages)

A Quarter Of A Million Failed Asylum Seekers Granted Amnesty

Summary 1 The latest (and largest) exercise in granting settlement to failed asylum seekers is the continuation of a sorry tradition of amnesties that has resulted in over 250,000 failed asylum seekers being granted settlement since the early 1990s. Once settlement is achieved additional dependants can then join the person in the UK so the […]

3rd June 2011 (Amnesty, Asylum, Policy, Refugees)

Immigration Close To Record Levels: Non Uk Born Workers Increase By 1.7 Million In Ten Years

Today’s new figures Net migration in the year to last September was the highest for 5 years at 242,000, up 96,000 on the previous year. This is close to the record level of 260,000 set in the year to June 2005. British emigration was unchanged from last year at 43,000 but was still low compared […]

The Impact Of Immigration On Traffic Growth And Congestion In England

Britain’s transport infrastructure, already one of the most congested in Europe, is set to become even more crowded in the next 25 years as a result of immigration.  For the same reason the cost to business and other road users of traffic congestion on England’s roads will be £5 billion higher each year by 2025, […]

18th May 2011 (Migration Trends, Population)

The Public Accounts Committee (pac) Report Into The Points Based System (pbs)

The PAC concludes that the PBS is better than its predecessor. Yet, six of its seven recommendations suggest that, to the contrary,it is lacking in control.The reason Labour's PBS is so deeply flawed is that the basis of the UK's immigration control, the face to face interview, no longer plays any part in the process. […]

17th May 2011 (Migration Trends)

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