Asylum Seekers And The Right To Work In The European Economic Area

Summary Every member state of the EEA, except the Republic of Ireland and Lithuania, grants asylum seekers the right to work at some point during their application process. The United Kingdom grants the right to work after 12 months if the applicant is still awaiting a decision. However, the job must be on the Shortage […]

10th October 2013 (Asylum, Employment, European Union)

Immigration At The Party Conferences 2013

Summary Immigration was the dog that prowled but didn’t bark. As expected, UKIP majored on it but did not make any policy announcements.  Labour put forward a series of relatively trivial policy suggestions but there was little recognition of the mass immigration that they had triggered in government and no commitment to any significant reduction. […]

9th October 2013 (Policy, Population)

Britain Is Open For Business – October 2013

Summary 1. Despite the government’s substantial range of measures to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands by the end of the Parliament, the UK remains very much open for business. There are numerous categories under which people can come to the UK to work, do business and study, allowing people to invest in […]

Proceeds Of Crime Act Successfully Used Against An Employer Of Illegal Immigrants

Section 15 of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 prescribes civil penalties which may be imposed by the Home office on employers found to have been employing illegal immigrants, i.e. people who have no leave to remain in the UK, whose leave has expired or who have leave but whose leave is subject to […]

28th September 2013 (Legal Matters)

Labour’s Link Between Immigration And Apprenticeships

Summary 1.Labour’s scheme to trade work permits for new apprenticeships faces practical difficulties. Work permits are nowadays issued for higher level positions so apprentices would not be immediate replacements. There would be no impact on low skilled migration which seems to have been the context for this announcement. Introduction 2. On the Andrew Marr show […]

24th September 2013 (Economics, Education, Employment, Policy)

Press Comment On The End Of The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme

12 September, 2013 Welcoming the Government’s decision to bring to an end the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: ‘This decision has to be right. We now have a labour market of 500 million in the European Union, it simply makes no sense to bring in unskilled workers […]

13th September 2013 (Employment, Policy, Visas/Work Permits)

Response To The Latest Net Migration Figures – Students Are A Key Element In Net Migration

Despite a small increase over the quarter, these latest figures show that government policy is succeeding in reducing inflows from outside the EU – by 50,000 over the year. Future reductions in net migration will depend on ensuring that people leave when they should. In this connection the student figures are striking. Over the past […]

Foreign Citizens Votes Could Critically Affect Outcome Of 2015 Election And Eu Referendum

A million foreign citizens can vote in all British elections Commonwealth Citizens who have not yet qualified for British Citizenship, or have not even applied, should no longer be entitled to vote in British general elections, nor in the forthcoming referendum on UK membership of the EU. That is the conclusion of a report issued […]

28th August 2013 (Policy)

The Migration Matters Trust And Their Estimate Of Migration From Bulgaria And Romania

On 8th August the Migration Matters Trust (MMT), chaired by Barbara Roche and co-chaired by Gavin Barwell MP published their estimate of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria which they put at 20,000 for 2014.[1],[2]. On 18 August an article in The Observer quoted Atul Hatwal the Director of the MMT as saying that higher claims […]

Ons Labour Market Statistics

Commenting on the ONS’s Labour market statistics, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said: “This increase of just over a third in Romanian and Bulgarian workers in the UK over the past year is a sharp increase on the previous trend. It suggests that still larger numbers will arrive next year when our […]

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