Eu Nationals And Access To The British Welfare State

The government have said that they are reviewing access to benefits for EU migrants. Briefing paper No 4.19 outlines the present position as a yardstick against which any such measures can be judged. We also make two recommendations.  

Benefits For Overseas Children Cost Uk Taxpayer £1 Million Per Week

The taxpayer is forking out over £1 million per week in child benefit to the parents whose children who do not even live in the UK, the think tank Migration Watch UK reveals today in a new Briefing Paper. The revelation comes following the disclosure that child benefit and tax credits are paid in respect […]

Visa Requirements For The Schengen Area

According to the Consulate General of France in Edinburgh, an application for a short stay visa of up to 90 days requires 10 original documents and 10 photocopies of them, including:   - a national passport or official travel document – two recent passport size photographs – proof of applicants current status/occupation – proof of financial […]

1st February 2013 (European Union, Visas/Work Permits)

Guardian Headline Contradicted By Research Quoted In The Same Article

An article in the Guardian “Comment is free” site on the 30 January reported a poll by Ires, a Romanian polling agency, which found that 15% of Romanians resident in Romania were “very interested” in working abroad of whom 1 in 4 would choose the UK as the preferred destination. 4% of the adult population of […]

Immigration From Romania And Bulgaria

Immigration from Romania and Bulgaria could amount to 50,000 a year in the first five years.  That is the conclusion of a study issued by Migration Watch UK today.  250,000 is the population of a city of the size of Plymouth or Newcastle. That number could be considerably higher if there were to be a […]

Mid-term Review: Comment By Vice Chair

7 January, 2013  Alp Mehmet said: 'The mid term review is incredibly mealy mouthed about immigration.  It speaks only of "preventing a large increase in overall immigration." Doubtless at Lib Dem insistence and despite the results of the census, the strength of the public's desire to get immigration down to acceptable levels has been largely […]

8th January 2013 (Uncategorised)

Eu Nationals And Access To The British Welfare State

Summary 1 Once an EU National has been granted “habitual residence” the entire UK benefit system becomes available.  Habitual residence is, in practice, very easy to obtain even for the unemployed. In some circumstances it can, in effect, be obtained from day one. Detail 2 All EU nationals have an initial right to reside in the UK for three months. Thereafter, […]

Social Housing In London: What Is The True Story?

There have long been suspicions that the public have not been told the full story about the impact of immigration on the queues for social housing.  Research by Migrationwatch into the situation in London, published today, confirms that there are important questions to be answered.  It finds that less than half the new lets by […]

3rd January 2013 (Housing, Population)

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