October 2020

Outrageous Weakening Of Settlement Rules Being Sneaked In By Government

Proposed new immigration rules contain a major change concealed in the detail – namely a very large reduction in the salary that skilled workers will need to earn in order to settle here (from £36,000 now to as low as £20,500).  Astoundingly, the details of this were not laid out in the government’s summary of […]

Estimated Cost Of Housing And Payments For Failed Asylum Claimants

What is the estimated cost of supporting asylum seekers and how has it changed? 1. The overall cost of the asylum system is nearly £1 billion per annum (Home Office figures for 2019/20). As part of this spending, the government is required by the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (henceforth ‘the 1999 Act’) to provide […]

3rd October 2020 (Asylum, Enforcement, Legal Matters, Policy)


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