The Mac On The Obr And Public Debt

On Thursday the Office of Budget Responsibility will release their latest Fiscal Sustainability report.  The Migration Advisory Committee have looked at the OBR’s 2013 Fiscal Sustainability Report and their finding that higher net migration would lead to a reduction in debt as a percentage of GDP over a 50 year time frame.  The OBR had […]

The Guardian And Data ‘facts’

The Guardian recently posted an article in their ‘DataBlog’ section which claimed to examine the facts behind our headline claim that 150,000 eastern European migrants pay no more than £1 a week in direct tax.  It is disappointing that despite writing under the tagline “Facts are sacred” the author, Tom Wills is unable or unwilling […]

2nd May 2014 (Economics, European Union)

Tax Contribution Of East European Migrants

In a Today Programme interview on 30 April about our paper published that day (see Briefing Paper 1.38), Mr Portes did not challenge our findings that low paid migrants pay little or no net direct tax.   However, he suggested that we had overlooked the effect of other taxes paid by the low-paid.  He made the […]

1st May 2014 (Economics, European Union)

Many East Europeans Work Hard But How Many Pay Tax?

About 150,000 pay only £1 a week net tax A new study out today reveals some of the ‘hidden’ costs to the UK taxpayer of the unprecedented wave of low paid Eastern European immigration in the past decade and how they are being ‘subsidised’ by the UK taxpayer. The research from think tank Migration Watch […]

30th April 2014 (Economics, European Union)

Mrs Roche On The “benefits” Of Immigration

In her article for The Independent on Sunday on 20 April, Barbara Roche criticised Yvette Cooper for failing, in her recent speech, to make “the single most important argument on migration; that immigrants put more into Britain than they take out”.    She continued “Their net contribution – equivalent to more than 4p on the basic […]

23rd April 2014 (Economics)

Ict Visas And The Immigration Figures Are The Home Office Fiddling The Figures?

Last week there were press reports that the government was going to ‘massage’ the immigration figures by shortening  the short term Intra Company Transfer (ICT) route to less than one year so as to take 20,000 out of the immigration figures [1].  However, by no means all will be coming for a full year thus […]

Migration Watch Paper On The Fiscal Effects Of Immigration To The Uk And The Response From Cream

1. CReAM has responded to our paper by misrepresenting the points we made without answering them[1]. Perhaps this was a ploy to distract attention from the weaknesses we have identified but it is not what we should expect from an academic institution. 2. The Migration Watch analysis is anything but the “violent attack” claimed. On […]

13th March 2014 (Economics)

Immigrants Have Cost The Tax Payer Over £140 Billion Since 1995

Recent immigrants from 2001 to 2011 might have cost over £25 bn. Migration Watch UK today issued a new assessment of the cost of immigration to the tax payer. The outcome is that immigrants cost the taxpayer over £140 billion or more than £22 million a day over the 17 years 1995 – 2011. The Migration […]

The Impacts Of Migration On Uk Native Employment

Summary 1.  The government review of the literature on the impact of immigration on UK native employment focused on the link between immigration and unemployment. It concluded that there was evidence of labour market displacement in times of recession but relatively little evidence in times of economic growth. The other aspect, that the majority of […]

12th March 2014 (Economics, Employment)

The Institute Of Directors And Immigration

The Institute of Directors (IoD) have been busy of late. Earlier last week Simon Walker, the Director General, argued in a debate that London needed more immigration. Later in the week, Mr Walker described a speech made by James Brokenshire, the Minister of State for Immigration, as ‘feeble and pathetic’. (See here) Mr Brokenshire’s crime?  […]

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