International Students: Business, Innovation And Skills Committee

26 February, 2013 Today the government responded to the Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Committee report on International Students. Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: "The government are absolutely right to stick to their guns. All of our competitors include students in net migration as well as showing them as a […]

27th February 2013 (Education)

Yes Prime Minister – Those Indian Students Were Bogus

During the Prime Minister’s recent visit to India, the immigration lobby claimed that the recent 25% drop in student numbers from India is evidence that Britain has been sending a negative message to overseas students. The reality is that the number of visas granted to Indian students almost doubled in the two years after the […]

22nd February 2013 (Education, Visas/Work Permits)

Eu Nationals And Access To The British Welfare State

Summary 1 Once an EU National has been granted “habitual residence” the entire UK benefit system becomes available.  Habitual residence is, in practice, very easy to obtain even for the unemployed. In some circumstances it can, in effect, be obtained from day one. Detail 2 All EU nationals have an initial right to reside in the UK for three months. Thereafter, […]

Is The Fall In Net Immigration Due To A Fall In Student Numbers?

Immigration data The latest net migration statistics to March 2012 show a significant fall in net migration to 183,000 – a reduction of 59,000 from the figure for year ending March 2011.  According to the ONS News release “this reduction in immigration was largely due to fewer people arriving to study….” In fact, the main […]

A “barmy” Article In “the Economist”

The cover story of this week’s Economist claimed that immigration was the governments “barmiest” policy which was “crippling business and the economy”.  Analysis: These claims are wildly exaggerated.  In the last available year (to Q2 2012) the facts are that[1]: Intra-company transfers were slightly up to nearly 30,000. Work permits were up 15% to nearly […]

International Students: Key Issues Explained

1. Are international students of value to Britain? Yes, provided that they intend to return at the end of their studies. Students pay fees and contribute to local economies through their living expenses. They also take their expertise when they leave which benefits their home country. Once home, they are more likely to do business […]

24th September 2012 (Education, Population, Visas/Work Permits)

University Claims Of Attracting ‘brightest And Best’ Students Challenged

Claims by the UK education establishment that UK universities attract 'the brightest and best' international students have been shown to be greatly exaggerated by a new study out today which reveals that in fact the vast majority attend institutions that are not considered to be in the top tier of learning in Britain. The study from […]

Strong Public Support For A Limit On Foreign Students

70% of the public want a limit on the number of foreign students admitted to Britain – that was the outcome of an opinion poll published by Migrationwatch today. The question explained that about 250,000 foreign students from outside the EU arrive every year to study in Britain.  They pay the full cost of studying […]

17th September 2012 (Education, Visas/Work Permits)

Sir Andrew Green: Immigration Control Should Not Impede Economic Growth

Sir Andrew Green is Chairman of Migrationwatch UK. Does the government’s political imperative to get immigration down to acceptable levels conflict with their economic imperative to stimulate economic growth?  For business generally, the answer is a resounding “no”.  There are no limits on the transfer of international staff, vital to so many companies based here.  […]

Government To Report International Students Separately Within Net Migration Figures

Commenting on the announcement by the Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Sir Andrew Green said: "We welcome improvements to the migration statistics that will provide an estimate of students’ contribution to overall net migration.  Better information is vital for a more informed debate.  It is important, however, that students remain in the government’s net migration […]

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