Response To Home Office Statement On Student Visas

Today the Home Office issued a statement on planned changes to the student immigration route to which Universities UK responded.  Commenting, Sir Andrew Green said: "With 20% of recent British graduates unemployed it beggars belief that Universities want still more foreign graduates to be able to stay on and work. These new regulations need further tightening, not […]

13th February 2012 (Education, Employment)

Response To Guardian Editorial On Immigration

By Sir Andrew GreenChairmanMigration Watch UK The following is Migration Watch's response to an editorial in the Guardian edition of 2 February entitled "Immigration: dubious means to an uncertain end".We offered it to their web site "Comment is free" but it was rejected, apparently on the grounds that the web site does not publish comments […]

Tightening Immigration Benefits All Legitimate Students

By Matthew Pollard Executive Director, Migration Watch UKPolitics, London, 25 February, 2011 Universities should show more interest in the UK graduates they're sending to the dole queue, rather than foreign applicants. The government will soon announce measures to reform the student immigration system. Meanwhile, their consultation exercise has been greeted with howls of outrage from […]

25th February 2011 (Education, Population)

House Of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee

Oral Evidence from Migration Watch UK : Students See Briefing Paper No 2.11 for the full text.

Immigration Under Labour – Chaos Or Conspiracy?

Figures due out on Thursday will, for the first time, officially confirm that net foreign immigration under Labour exceeded three million. This is the context for a detailed indictment of the Labour Government’s record on immigration published today in Briefing Paper No 11.24. It forensically examines one of the most significant and far reaching changes […]

Bogus Student Clampdown ‘economically And Morally Justified’

The Government’s planned clampdown on the long running issue of bogus students is both economically justified and entirely fair, says a new report from think-tank Migrationwatch, issued as the government’s consultation period ends on 31 January. The proposals are designed primarily to stop the widespread abuse by people coming to Britain under the pretence of […]

The Impact Of The Points Based System

Summary Briefing Paper No 3.13 looks at the effect of introducing the Points Based System (PBS) on immigration control. It finds that the PBS is an ineffective instrument for the task. The PBS gives primacy to “objective criteria” for the issue of a visa rather than immigration control objectives. Student numbers grew rapidly by 100,000 […]

The Comment That Wasn’t Free

Posted on Migration Watch UK web site on 12 January, 2011 An article attacking our paper on bogus students appeared in the Guardian on 9/01/11. The response below was offered to the paper but they declined to publish. Bogus foreign students, and indeed bogus colleges in Britain, are a serious problem – not withstanding the […]

19th January 2011 (Education)

Foreign Students

Summary 1 Briefing Paper No 2.8 provides background briefing on foreign (non EU) students in the UK. It outlines the visa system, the number of students, the colleges involved, and the role of the UKBA. Student Visas 2 Previously the ‘Student’ visa was used to cover all study from short English language courses to undergraduate […]

9th December 2010 (Education, Visas/Work Permits)

Impact Of The ‘immigration Decade’ On English Primary Schools

The dramatic impact on Primary schools of the massive increase in immigration into the UK in the last decade has been spelled out in a new paper from think tank Migrationwatch. The paper examines the effect of a net increase of more than 2.5 million long-term immigrants from non English speaking countries, between 1991 and […]

29th November 2010 (Education, Migration Trends, Population)

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