Immigration Mythology

1     Introduction This paper outlines the many myths that are put forward by the mass immigration lobby in support of the current levels of immigration and dispels each myth in turn. 2    ‘Immigration provides great economic benefit’ For many years the government claimed that immigration added £6 billion a year to GDP. […]

The Impact Of Immigration On Maternity Services In England

Summary 1  Between 2000 and 2010 births in England increased by over 114,000 – from 572,826 to 687,007.   Immigration has been the key factor fuelling this increase: three quarters of the increase in births was to women born outside the UK. Overall, in 2010, over a quarter of all live births in England were to […]

25th June 2012 (Family, Health, Visas/Work Permits)

Nhs Risks Becoming ‘world Health Service’ As Lax Controls Are Admitted

The Government has admitted that access to the NHS for anyone outside the UK and EU is so lax that, say campaigners, it leaves it wide open to abuse. In a written Parliamentary reply, Simon Burns MP, the Minister of State for Health, confirmed that there is no formal requirement for anyone to provide documentation […]

30th April 2012 (Health, Policy)

Boris Advertises Foreign Access To The National Health Service

A new booklet issued by the Mayor of London detailing how groups including illegal immigrants and foreign visitors can access the NHS – whether or not they are entitled to use it – has been branded an ‘absolute disgrace’ by think-tank Migration Watch UK, which is demanding its immediate recall. It is estimated that there […]

11th April 2012 (Health)

Immigration To Britain Is Greater Than At Any Time In History. We Must Cut Their Numbers Now

By SIR ANDREW GREENChairman of Migration Watch UK Mail OnLinePublished: 17:48, 8 March 2012UPDATED: 13:23, 9 March 2012 Migration Watch has this week published a short Briefing Paper 12.3 summarising some of the key facts about the impact of immigration on our population, jobs, housing and education.  We hope that it will be helpful to those who are following […]

The Nhs And Migrant Labour

The health and social work sector employs one in seven of all immigrants in the UK, and was the biggest employer of migrants between 2002 and 2008; many originated in less developed countries with much poorer and under resourced  health care systems. The rapid expansion of the NHS as a result of the Wanless Report […]

12th March 2012 (Health)

Service Under Strain As ‘migrant A Minute’ Registers With An Nhs Doctor

New research published today reveals the pressure that immigration is placing on the NHS. The research, conducted by Migrationwatch, found that in 2007-8, 605,000 people who arrived from overseas registered with a GP in England and Wales – equivalent to one registration a minute, day and night, throughout the year. This was nearly 100,000 more […]

22nd December 2009 (Asylum, European Union, Health, Policy)

Huge Cost Of Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Quantified

An amnesty for illegal immigrants would be bound to encourage further illegal immigration, their present number has been seriously underestimated and the lifetime cost would be in the order of £130 billion even on that low estimate of numbers, says a report out today from think-tank Migrationwatch. The report is in reply to a paper […]

Migrationwatch Media Information

Migrationwatch website has been revamped and updated. This should make it easier to find any information on immigration and asylum issues you may require. In particular, two overview papers: “What is the problem?” and “What can be done?” may prove to be useful.

Nhs Treatment For Failed Asylum Seekers

This issue came before the Court of Appeal in a judicial review case, Regina (A) v. Secretary of State for Health in an appeal by the Secretary of State against an adverse ruling in the High Court. A full report is on the Court of Appeal’s website and a summary was published in The Times […]

5th May 2009 (Asylum, Health, Legal Matters)

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