Immigration To Britain Is Greater Than At Any Time In History. We Must Cut Their Numbers Now

By SIR ANDREW GREENChairman of Migration Watch UK Mail OnLinePublished: 17:48, 8 March 2012UPDATED: 13:23, 9 March 2012 Migration Watch has this week published a short Briefing Paper 12.3 summarising some of the key facts about the impact of immigration on our population, jobs, housing and education.  We hope that it will be helpful to those who are following […]

Government Housing Proposals

Commenting on the housing proposals unveiled by the government, Sir Andrew Green said: "An astonishing aspect of the housing debate is the deafening silence on the impact of immigration. The extra 16,000 houses promised by the government today will meet less than a quarter of the annual demand from new immigrant households. One good way […]

21st November 2011 (Housing)

250,000 More Homes Needed For Immigrants

The higher population projections published by the ONS last week have implications for the number of new homes required to house future immigrants to Britain. The government’s projections of future households are calculated largely on the basis of the population projections. The most recent set were published in November 2010 (based on the 2008 based […]

3rd November 2011 (Housing, Population)

Immigration Is A Major Factor In The Housing Shortage

A study published by Migrationwatch today (Briefing Paper No 7.13), finds that immigration was responsible for almost 40% of the growth in households between 2001 and 2008. Looking ahead, 36% of new households will, according to official projections, be a result of immigration so we will have to build, on average, 200 homes a day […]

1st September 2011 (Housing, Population)

Migrant Social Housing To Cost £1 Billion Per Year

The social housing requirements of new immigrants will cost the tax payer £1 billion a year for the next twenty five years. That is the conclusion of a study published by Migrationwatch today. The study found that 45 additional social homes would have to be built everyday, or nearly 1400 a month, over that period […]

17th August 2011 (Housing)

Immigration Under Labour – Chaos Or Conspiracy?

Figures due out on Thursday will, for the first time, officially confirm that net foreign immigration under Labour exceeded three million. This is the context for a detailed indictment of the Labour Government’s record on immigration published today in Briefing Paper No 11.24. It forensically examines one of the most significant and far reaching changes […]

Government Still Burying The Bad News On Immigration And Housing

26 November, 2010 New immigrants will add about 2 million households by 2033 The government’s household projections for the 25 years from 2008, published today by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), continue to play down the impact of immigration on housing. The document’s list of key points informs us that "Population growth […]

26th November 2010 (Housing, Migration Trends, Population)

One In Twelve Social Houses Occupied By Foreign Nationals

Today's English Housing Survey provides further evidence of the pressure placed by immigration on the housing sector. Foreign nationals now occupy 8.4% of the social housing stock. Among occupants aged 16-40 that figure rises to 12.6%. Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch UK said "This finally destroys the myth that less than 2% of […]

27th October 2010 (Housing)

Huge Cost Of Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Quantified

An amnesty for illegal immigrants would be bound to encourage further illegal immigration, their present number has been seriously underestimated and the lifetime cost would be in the order of £130 billion even on that low estimate of numbers, says a report out today from think-tank Migrationwatch. The report is in reply to a paper […]

New Research Shows Impact Of Immigration On Social Housing

Proportion of foreign born in social housing rises 50% in ten years. New research by Migrationwatch, based on official figures, shows the pressure that uncontrolled immigration has placed – and will place – on social housing. Speaking at the annual conference of the National Housing Federation in London Migrationwatch chairman, Sir Andrew Green said that […]

23rd September 2009 (Housing, Migration Trends, Policy, Population)

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