Removal Of Illegals Drops Like A Stone

Only around 2% (213) of nearly 8,900 people who have been detected illegally crossing the Channel since the start of 2019 (see our Tracker) have been returned (only one in every 42 arrivals). This news comes following a scathing report by the National Audit Office which detailed the clear drop in the number of removals […]

Trends In Asylum-related Support And Accommodation

The total number of asylum seekers housed in what is known as initial accommodation (hostels, hotels and, from Monday 21 September, a number in disused Army Barracks) has increased more than five-fold since 2013 from just under 1,000 to over 5,400 (see latest Home Office asylum support figures). Figure 1: Total asylum seekers supported under […]

18th September 2020 (Asylum, Migration Trends, Policy, Refugees)

4 In 5 Illegal Channel Crossers Refused Asylum

The Home Secretary told a Parliamentary Committee that those crossing the Channel have previously rejected the option of seeking asylum while passing through safe countries. Ms Patel said ‘migrants had journeyed through other countries which were safe refuges’. She added: “France is a safe country, Germany is a safe country, Italy is a safe country, […]

More Points-based System Details Released

Commenting, Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “The government has been pushed into the flawed system that was proposed before Covid-19 struck. They are ploughing ahead as if the last four months hasn’t happened, overlooking entirely the rapidly increasing unemployment. “This system will encourage undercutting, while drawing in people from poorer countries that […]

New Home Needed Every Three To Four Minutes

We will need to build a home every three to four minutes to accommodate ongoing rapid. immigration-driven population growth if the level of overseas net migration into England returns to the pre-lockdown level of about 230,000 per year. That is something that is likely given the government’s intentional plan to increase non-EU immigration as part […]

Save The First Chance Rule

The ‘First Chance’ rule – also known as the ‘Resident Labour Market Test’ – is an immigration safeguard that means UK workers have the first opportunity to apply for job openings before such vacancies are offered overseas. It is now on the chopping block. This despite the fact that the official expert committee on migration […]

Offer Of Citizenship Path For British Nationals Overseas In Hong Kong

The Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab have said that, if China imposes its National Security Law on Hong Kong, the British government would expand the British National (Overseas) – BNO – passport holders’ current right to visit for six months without a visa into an extendable 12 months. Under this status, work […]

Channel Tracking Station – Unauthorised Crossings From France

9,355 people have illegally entered the UK in hundreds of boats after crossing the Channel from safe countries since the start of 2018, according to an estimate based on a combination of Home Office releases and media reports. You can analyse 2020’s daily reported incidents below in Annex A. We are the only Channel tracking […]

Why Lock All The Internal Doors But Leave The External Ones Wide Open?

Migration Watch UK’s stance is that travel by non-UK nationals who have spent time in the worst-affected countries should be suspended. However, British nationals who wish to return here should be still be able to fly home. We would add Spain to the list of worst-affected areas. Research (for instance by academics at Northwestern University) […]

24th March 2020 (Health, Policy)

How The Immigration White Paper Flies In The Face Of The Findings And Recommendations Of Government’s Own Migration Advisory Committee

Summary Notwithstanding the change of Prime Minister and Home Secretary, it appears that the December 2018 Immigration White Paper is still to form the basis of future immigration policy after Brexit. The government claim to have been guided by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) in drawing up these proposals and, following pressure from the corporate […]

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