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British Exit From The Eu Could Reduce Net Migration By 100,000

Migration Watch UK has issued a report examining for the first time what a post “Brexit” immigration regime might look like and estimating its likely effect on net migration to the UK. The report does not advocate either exit from or remaining in the EU. Any post exit regime would involve, possibly lengthy, negotiations. It is […]

Higher Education Is In The Rudest Of Health, So Why Suggest Otherwise?

By Sir Andrew Green Chairman of Migration Watch UKConservativehome Blog,  22 November, 2014  The UK is one of the most attractive countries in the world to come to study. But if you listened only to Mark Field, the Conservative MP for the Cities of London and Westminster, you might be forgiven for being concerned about […]

24th November 2014 (Education, Visas/Work Permits)

International Students In The Uk – The Facts Of The Case

1. There is no limit to the number of genuine international students who can come to the UK to study. An unlimited number can also stay on and work so long as they can find graduate level work paying £20,000 a year. 2. Students are counted in the UK’s net migration statistics, as they are […]

31st October 2014 (Education, Visas/Work Permits)

Britain Is Open For Business

1. Despite the government’s substantial range of measures to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands by the end of the Parliament, the UK remains very much open for business. There are numerous categories under which people can come to the UK to work, do business and study, allowing people to invest in and […]

Response To The Times Article ‘drop In Overseas Students Blamed On Migrant Rules’

On Friday 26 September The Times ran a story with the headline ‘Drop in overseas students blamed on migrant rules’. The report was based on claims made by the University umbrella organisation Universities UK, which is primarily concerned with maximising overseas student numbers in order to further the financial prospects of Universities. While that in […]

The Impact Of Immigration Controls On Skilled Migrants

There is no evidence of a negative impact of immigration controls on the availability of skilled migrants.  Less than half the Tier 2 quota has been taken up in the three years since it was introduced.  Nor is there any evidence to link a fall in non-EU skilled migration with an increase from the EU […]

International Students – A Guide To Visa Conditions Across The English Speaking World

In 2012 the Home Secretary announced her plans to tighten some aspects of the student visa system, mainly below graduate level. The Australian, American and Canadian governments have also recently reviewed their student regimes. This note compares the outcomes and demonstrates that the UK is internationally competitive.

Ict Visas And The Immigration Figures Are The Home Office Fiddling The Figures?

Last week there were press reports that the government was going to ‘massage’ the immigration figures by shortening  the short term Intra Company Transfer (ICT) route to less than one year so as to take 20,000 out of the immigration figures [1].  However, by no means all will be coming for a full year thus […]

Immigrants Have Cost The Tax Payer Over £140 Billion Since 1995

Recent immigrants from 2001 to 2011 might have cost over £25 bn. Migration Watch UK today issued a new assessment of the cost of immigration to the tax payer. The outcome is that immigrants cost the taxpayer over £140 billion or more than £22 million a day over the 17 years 1995 – 2011. The Migration […]

The Story Of Net Migration – 1975-2013

In a major blow to one of the government’s flagship commitments, the latest data shows that net migration in the year to September 2013 reached 212,000, just 40,000 shy of the largest net flow into Britain since passenger flows have been recorded. Net migration on the present scale is unprecedented in history. Between 1975 and […]

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