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The Future of Juxtaposed Controls in Calais

Summary It is by no means certain that the French would withdraw their agreement to juxtaposed controls in Calais. Even if they were to do so, refugee camps in Southern England would be extremely unlikely. There is no prospect of camps being set up in the UK in order for migrants to make the return […]

8th February 2016 (Asylum, European Union)

In-work benefit restrictions and EU migrants to the UK

Most family units headed by recent EU migrants do not have any dependent children whether they are single or in couples, according to a report issued by Migration Watch UK. This means that even in low-paying jobs they are not entitled to large amounts of benefits, and thus an ’emergency brake’ on in-work benefits is […]

In the event of leaving the EU, what would a revised immigration policy look like – Comment on our Paper.

As Prime Minister David Cameron prepares to meet senior European Union officials to press forward with renegotiations over Britain’s membership of the supranational body, there has been much speculation over the impact a possible Brexit could have on the UK’s record net migration figures. A Migration Watch UK briefing paper published on 27th January has […]

British exit from the EU could reduce net migration by 100,000

Migration Watch UK has issued a report examining for the first time what a post “Brexit” immigration regime might look like and estimating its likely effect on net migration to the UK. The report does not advocate either exit from or remaining in the EU. Any post exit regime would involve, possibly lengthy, negotiations. It is […]

Will refugees benefit the German economy?

The news that ‘several’ of the 33 economists polled by the Financial Times (27 December) feel that recent mass migration to Germany could help its economy by boosting its ageing and declining workforce needs critical scrutiny.  (We are not told how many is ‘several’, who they are, how they were chosen or what the others […]

7th January 2016 (Asylum, European Union, Population)

Charities’ call for the UK to settle a ‘fair and proportionate’ share of refugees

Twenty seven Chief Executives of Refugee organisations and human rights advocacy groups wrote to the Prime Minister on 4 January calling for the UK to increase substantially the number of refugees that it accepts The groups called on the government to agree to resettle a ‘fair and proportionate number of those already within the European Union […]

6th January 2016 (Asylum, Current Affairs, Refugees)

Bank of England report finds migration negatively impacts the wages of lowest-paid workers in Britain

A recent study by the Bank of England has found that increasing migration has driven down wages especially in sectors already experiencing low pay, such as catering, hotels and social care. This follows Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s warning in May that the current inflow of foreign workers was holding down wages. There has […]

23rd December 2015 (Economics, Employment)

The wages of millions of British workers affected by immigration

Commenting on the latest Bank of England research on the impact of immigration on wages, Lord Green of Deddington said:   “For many years the immigration lobby have claimed that there is no evidence that immigration has any significant effect on the wages of British workers.  This new research by the Bank of England blows their […]

21st December 2015 (Current Affairs, Economics, Employment)

Turkey’s population and immigration to the European Union

  As part of the EU’s efforts to tackle the migrant crisis they have turned to Turkey. This has resulted in a joint EU-Turkey action plan[i] on migration along with wider incentives to “re-energise” Turkey’s application for the EU and an offer of visa-free travel for Turkish citizens to the Schengen zone from October 2016. […]

11th December 2015 (Asylum, European Union, Population)

Astonishing impact of immigration on demand for housing, says Lord Green

Current levels of immigration, if they are allowed to continue, mean that we will need to build enough homes to accommodate 350 additional households a day. The Department for Communities and Local Government has today released their variant household projections for England at different assumed levels of net migration. Under their ‘high’ net migration scenario […]

4th December 2015 (Housing, Population)

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